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ABC That Could Be Me

ABC That Could Be Me

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By Little Coleman
Illustrated by Lindsay Scott

A debut picture book sharing the great and varied history of Black Americans, A through Z.

Publication Date: January 25, 2022

Hardcover: 9781646051496
eBook: 9781646051519


ABC That Could Be Me is an alphabet picture book written and illustrated to empower Black children across the world. This book champions Black excellence by showing kids they can be doctors, lawyers, the president, and so much more! Read about people like Paul R. William, the first Black architect, Marie Maynard Daly, the first Black chemist, and more who paved the way for the next generation to do great things in this world. This vibrant picture book will give children the confidence to dream big dreams, knowing that there’s a whole alphabet who came before them!

Biographical Note

Little Coleman is a debut writer and an advocate for People of Color. Little lives in Texas with her husband Amedeus, whom she woke up at two o’clock am with this idea. He has been her motivator ever since that early morning shake up. They have three biological children (who want to be a judge, architect, and owner of an acting school respectively) and a very sweet foster kiddo! ABC That Could Be Me is her first book. Her goal in life is to make children see how great they are and attach their faces to amazing careers that can change the world!

Lindsay Scott, born into an Asian American family, grew up in Plano, Texas with a curiosity for art and all its wonderful mysteries. She pursues her passion by studying Art & Illustration and Graphic Design at John Brown University. Little Coleman’s ABC That Could Be Me is Lindsay Scott's first book of illustrations.