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Diary of a Malayali Madman

Diary of a Malayali Madman

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By N. Prabhakaran
Translated by Jayasree Kalathil

A collection of sensitive, world-bending human portraits from short story writer N. Prabhakaran.

Publication Date: 3/28/23

Paperback: 9781646052073
eBook: 9781646052332


A research scholar whose notebook reveals a surreal pig farm... A psychologist in search of the truth about one of his clients... An aspiring writer who emulates Gogol... The unforgettable men and women in N. Prabhakaran's stories have an uncanny ability to expose the fault lines between the real and the unreal, the normal and the mad, as they explore their own inner worlds and psychic wounds.

A pioneer of the post-modern aesthetic turn, N. Prabhakaran weaves the nitty-gritty of everyday, small-town lives into his stories all set in northern Kerala that are steeped in folklore, nature, factional politics and the intricacies of human relationships. Brilliantly translated by Jayasree Kalathil, Diary of a Malayali Madman marks the very first time this major Indian writer's work is available in English.

Biographical Note

N. Prabhakaran is one of the major contemporary writers in Kerala, and has published over forty works – novels, poetry, plays, short-story collections, essays and a travelogue. He has won numerous awards for his writing.

Jayasree Kalathil is an Indian writer, translator, mental health researcher and activist. Kalathil is the author of The Sackclothman, a children’s book that has been translated into Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi.