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Digital Care Package: Deep Vellum Bestsellers

Digital Care Package: Deep Vellum Bestsellers

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Explore our catalog through a themed eBook bundle without leaving your couch. Enjoy these four eBooks, or send to a friend!

Since our inception in 2013, Deep Vellum has worked to bring readers the best contemporary international literature. Get to know us through these four bestsellers from our first six years!

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Book Information

Sphinx by Anne Garréta (tr. by Emma Ramadan)

eBook: 9781941920084

Eve Out of Her Ruins, by Ananda Devi (tr. by Jeffrey Zuckerman)
eBook: 9781941920411

The Art of Flight, by Sergio Pitol (tr. by George Henson)
eBook: 9781941920077

Tram 83, by Fiston Mwanza Mujila (tr. by Roland Glasser)
eBook: 9781941920053