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Digital Care Package: The Mathematician

Digital Care Package: The Mathematician

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Explore our catalog through a themed eBook bundle without leaving your couch. Enjoy these four eBooks, or send to a friend!

Take a tour through our catalog of Oulipian authors, loose members of a group who impose structural restrictions on their writing (mathematical, geometric, and beyond) in order to investigate the possibilities of verse.

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Book Information

The Imagined Land, by Eduardo Berti (tr. by Charlotte Coombe)

One Hundred Twenty-One Days, by Michèle Audin (tr. by Christiana Hills)
eBook: 9781941920237

Not One Day, by Anne Garréta (tr. by Emma Ramadan)
eBook: 9781941920558

The Anarchist Who Shared My Name, by Pablo Martín Sánchez (tr. by Jeffrey Diteman)
eBook: 9781941920725