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Digital Care Package: Women Writers Across the Globe

Digital Care Package: Women Writers Across the Globe

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Explore our catalog through a themed eBook bundle without leaving your couch. Enjoy these four eBooks, or send to a friend!

These novels are bound up in travel to new places: the theory behind leaving home, the places one might go, and the reasons why. Through heartache and adventure, these characters explore memory, place, and discovery.

*The digital files will automatically be emailed to you when you purchase this item. If you wish to give the ebooks as a gift, feel free to just forward the email.

Book Information

Above Us the Milky Way, by Fowzia Karimi

Recitation, by Bae Suah (tr. by Deborah Smith)
eBook: 9781941920473

The Journey, by Sergio Pitol (tr. by George Henson)
eBook: 9781941920190

Seven Samurai Swept Away in a River, by Jung Young Moon (tr. by Yewon Jung)
eBook: 9781941920862