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Faust, Part One

Faust, Part One

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By Johann Wolfgang van Goethe
Translated by Zsuzsanna Ozsváth and Frederick Turner
Illustrated by Fowzia Karimi

Faust, Part One: A New Translation with Illustrations. This luminous, timely new translation by renowned co-translators Zsuzsanna Ozsváth and Frederick Turner brings Goethe’s timeless classic to greater heights than ever before in the English language.

Publication Date: January 19, 2021

Paperback: 9781646050239
eBook: 9781646050246


The original tale of moral destruction, in a brand-new translation: Faust is a man torn between the urges of the living world and the significance of moral living. He feels nothing, he lives for nothing, and thus engages in a wager with Mephistopheles, the devil himself. Goethe’s master work shares the deep complexity of a human life, rife with pain, mistakes and dynamic complexity.

With Faust, the lushly lyrical and philosophically brilliant drama on which the poet spent almost his entire life, Goethe solidified himself as a major literary figure whose work would transcend time and space to create the modern world. Now, this brand-new, dynamic translation demands we ask of our world: who will win, humanity or Mephistopheles?



"Ozváth and Turner’s translation gives modern readers a glimpse of what Goethe’s contemporary audience must have felt upon first reading the work. The verse form rhythmically draws us along, singing to us an ancient ballad, while the characters stir our hearts with full-fledged emotions we can recognize in our everyday lives." ––The Arkansas International