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Knit Ink (and Other Poems) by Anthony Etherin

Knit Ink

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(And Other Poems)
Anthony Etherin

Publication Date: September 17th, 2024

A four-part collection that stretches the possibilities of the poetic form, from the traditional to the experimental; from the simple to the highly complex.

Paperback: 9781646053452


Deftly exploring math and science alongside the arts, Knit Ink is a collection that showcases the bounds of formal poetry. The poems in Knit Ink study special or simplified cases of established literary restrictions, such as anagrams and palindromes, and poetic forms, such as triolets and sonnets. Anthony Etherin's own form, the aelindrome, creates its own constraint, while other invented forms represent structural indulgences—tests of technical complexity whose poetry lies as much in the grandeur of their architecture as in the content of their words.

Containing four books whose composition took over a decade, Knit Ink (and Other Poems) sees the quintessential work of a formidable mind combined in a single edition for the first time.

Biographical Note

Anthony Etherin is an experimental formalist poet and musician who specializes in working under strict procedural constraints. The inventor of several new literary restrictions, his poetry also combines traditional poetic forms with established alphabetical constraints, such as palindromes and anagrams. He lives on the border of England and Wales.


“I’ve seen people able to do perfect bottom deals at casino poker tables for 100 thousand dollar stakes, under heat. I’ve seen people able to do bottom deals at illegal mob games where everyone was carrying. This poetry is only a bit safer but way, way harder. And impresses me more. I love it.” —Penn Jillette