Little Bird

Little Bird

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By Claudia Ulloa Donoso 

Translated by Lily Meyer

A beautiful, slim book from Bogotá39 member Claudia Ulloa Donoso comprised of magical short stories and texts that explore the strangeness of everyday life.

Publication Date: July 6, 2021

Paperback: 9781646050659

eBook:  9781646050666 


After leaving Peru to pursue graduate school north of the Arctic circle, Claudia Ulloa Donoso began blogging about insomnia. Not hers, necessarily – the blog was never defined as fact or fiction. Her blog posts became the bones of Little Bird, a collection of short stories with the fervent self-declaration of diary entries and hallucinatory haze of sleeplessness. Blending narration and personal experience, the stories in Little Bird stretch reality, a sharp-shooting combination of George Saunders and Samanta Schweblin. Characters real and unreal, seductive, shape-changing, and baffling come together in smooth prose that leaves readers questioning their own truth.

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