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Meditations on Being

Meditations on Being

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By Rachel Fox
Illustrated by Kelsey Anne Heimerman

Through clear-hearted, empathetic poetry, meditation leader Rachel Fox shares her thoughts on spirituality, gender, creativity, and art.

Publication Date: December 1, 2020

Paperback: 9781646050376
eBook: 9781646050383


Life cannot be without purpose. 

When you look closely, you see how it is all connected; how the fabric of reality is woven together perfectly on the loom of everything. 

Somehow, the pattern of the universe speaks to all of your senses. As you take it in, the truth emerges. You belong here. 

A smile breaks across your lips. You realize the beauty that moves through you, within you. 

This meditation began the day you were born. And now we turn another page. 

Through a series of lyrical recitations, Dallas-based meditation studio leader Rachel Fox channels her practice into shared confirmations of love and purpose. Meditations on Being pulls readers through life’s bittersweet journeys, one poem at a time, offering the reader a chance to pause, to reflect, and to breathe in the midst of the chaos of life. 

Biographical Note
Rachel Fox is a woman of words, wellness, wine and spirits.  She is an author, astrologer, entrepreneur, meditation guide and sommelier. Rachel was raised in Dallas, graduated from Southern Methodist University, and opened The Refuge Meditation in Exposition Park prior to publishing her debut poetry collection, Meditations on Being through Deep Vellum in 2020.  Rachel currently resides in Waco, TX, studying spirits and distillation under Chip Tate at Tate & Co. Distillery.  Her follow up collection, Meditations on Healing, is due out in 2022.